PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder
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PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder
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货号: 26616
CAS号: 见说明书
保存条件: 见说明书
保质期: 见说明书
供应商: 见说明书
数量: 大量
规格: 2*50 uL
Store at -20°C (or at 4°C for 3 months)
Thermo Scientific PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder is a 3-color protein molecular weight standard containing 10 prestained recombinant proteins covering a wide range molecular weights from 10 kDa to 170 kDa. The ladder contains one orange reference band of ~70 kDa and one green reference band of 10 kDa.Lot-to-lot variation of the apparent molecular weight of prestained proteins is ~5%.The ladder is supplied in gel loading buffer and is ready-to-use: no heating, further dilution or addition of a reducing agent is required.
• Monitoring of protein separation during SDS-PAGE (1).
• Verifying Western transfer efficiency (2, 3).
• Approximate sizing of proteins on SDS-polyacrylamide gels and Western blots.
• Locating a protein of interest for excision from an unstained preparative gel.
Storage Buffer
62.5 mM Tris-H3PO4 (pH 7.5 at 25°C), 1 mM EDTA, 2% (w/v) SDS, 10 mM DTT, 1 mM NaN3 and 33% (v/v) glycerol).

Representative lot of PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder, apparent MW, kDa

4-20% Tris-glycine SDS-PAGE